Our Story

There's nothing special about our story, we're just a bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts that got fed up of the sub-standard product on offer to us, both online and in bricks and mortar stores, especially in NSW and VIC where a small number of large groups seem to control the marketplace.

We are passionate about our bikes and don't want to settle for cheap knock-off gear that will break, malfunction and generally spoil our pride and joy. Kellermann LED lights for motorbikes are some of the best quality, high performance gear we've seen.

Kellermann lights like the Atto or Bullet are an amazing way to change up your bike, refresh an ageing model, make a custom look slick or just provide better than OEM lighting performance. So that's how we started. 

We started with Kellermann products but look out as we add more products that we think are worthy to bestow love on our bikes.