Customer Bikes

A selection of bikes we’ve worked on.

A Sweet Trumpy 

A challenging wiring project, motoscope mini on a T150C with positive ground.
Owner did everything himself. motoloom only supplied msm and the tech. support and trouble shooting online and on the phone.

“Black Betty” (BMW 75/5)

We made a custom wiring harness for the bike utilising the m.unit, m.switch mini and the Motogadget in-mirror display (now discontinued).

Laverda Jota

This 1978 Laverda Jota had electrical gremlins and needed a completely new loom. The m.unit Blue is now at the heart of this 1000cc Triple and it hasn’t missed a beat since!

BMW HPN (no.669)

The BMW HPN is a rare bike with m.unit, custom harness, m.lock, m.switches and Motoscope tiny.  The bike twice has entered in the Australasian Safari, Tourist Class demonstrating just how bullet-proof motogadget gear is.

“Machiatto” Pocket Bike (display)

One of our display bikes this pocket bike has a range of motogadget stuff on it: m.unit, m.switches. m.lock and and .m.blaze.

Rally Raid Replica “Rocky”

HPM2, Perth build rally raid replica bike, custom wiring loom, m.unit, m.switch,m.grip soft.

BMW Cafe Racer “Sweety”

Cafe racer SWEETY, m.unit, custom wiring loom in braided conduit , special ignition lock, power dynamo alternator and ignition.

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