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Motogadget and Custom Wiring Specialists.

Motogadget Oz is the leading stockist in WA of Motogadget products. We manufacture custom wiring looms and copper core high tension spark plug leads and we offer a full fault finding service for motorcycle electrics.

m.Unit Blue installation and custom wiring loom.

We specialise in m.unit Blue with a custom wiring loom designed for your bike.

A custom loom involves wiring the following components:

  • headlight
  • taillight
  • dashboard backlight
  • brake light
  • four turn signals
  • indicator lights for hi beam/turn/neutral/oil pressure/charge
  • ignition lock
  • handlebar controls
  • side stand
  • 12V plus to motor ignition system, starter motor
  • charging lead from the voltage regulator
  • battery
  • one 12V input/output (battery charging)
  • m.unit.

    Also Included:  cable, conduit, heat shrink, terminals, cable ties, etc.

    Estimated Cost: $840

Not Included: Mounting of items such as speedo. Fitting the pickup is not included but can be fitted for an extra cost.

Extra: Handlebar indicators  $80
Push button controls wiring inside handle bars plus $80 (two switch blocks)

Custom Wiring for any project.

We have a huge range of cable in different colours and gauge, conduit and terminals

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